• Aerodynamic engineering allows to develop advanced technology of aerofoil blade profiles to minimize fan power consumption with the lowest noise emissions, low air resistance & lowest pressure drop.
  • Intelligent dynamic balance tester can adjust the blades with every tolerance weight of the blade within 1g. The fan can smoothly run with lower vibration, less noise, and more stability. The blade can be made of AISI 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP, or the galvanized sheet available.
  • Aluminum alloy husk motor with deep groove ZZ ball bearing which is loadable, stable and with good spinning characteristics, lower noise, maintenance-free & long service life.
  • The direct drive can be significantly more efficient, adding to the longevity of the fan and motor. This is because of potential power loss when the belt tension pulls on the fan shaft in a lateral direction and burns out the motor too quickly.
  • Direct drive fans require fewer parts, and thus, usually less maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient IE2 or IE3 & BLDC motor optional.