Complete range of hi-tech energy-efficient ventilation equipment

E-cool International Ltd. is one of the leading HVAC Solutions providers in Bangladesh, works with world-famous HVAC suppliers. Blauberg Ventilatoren – Germany is one of them. E-Cool International Ltd. is the authorized distributor. Blauberg Ventilatoren was born in Munich, Germany and soon became one of the most reliable manufacturers of industrial, residential, and all other kinds of HVAC equipments. It is one of a kind famous brand that is popular for its future and client–oriented equipment design and distribution.

They develop ventilation technology that complies with European and international standards and requirements specific to high-quality energy-saving domestic, commercial, and industrial ventilation solutions. Gaining the trust of Blauberg clients, shifting expectations as a reliable partner and supplier of quality German ventilation products.

We are proud is an agent of trademark (BLAUBERG VENTILATOREN, GERMANY) products in the territory of Bangladesh.

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