• The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality durable plastic.
  • A specially designed mixed-flow impeller profile ensures high airflow and low noise level.
  • Protection rating IPX4.
  • Low energy usages from 4.5W.
  • The models of Blauberg Ducto series are equipped with a single-phase motor and are available in single-or two-speed modifications.
  • The motors have thermal overheating protection for motor overload prevention.
  • Designed for PVC ducting systems or flexible ducts.
  • From low to medium airflow motion for short distances at low air resistance.
  • Compatible with Φ 100, 125, and 15mm air ducts.
  • Size from 100 to 150mm
  • Capacity up to 375m³/h
  • Power from 4.5W
  • Noise level 22dBA