The Story of E-Cool Group

E-Cool Group is the brainchild of a visionary mechanical engineer. Whose dream is to introduce our country to the most updated HVAC technology and service. With this vision, in 2009, the E-Cool Group has started the journey. The main objective of the company is to provide engineering solutions in the field of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning).

E-Cool Group provides all types of HVAC consultancy, design, supply, and installation supports to the customers. High-quality products are imported from renowned manufacturers to fulfill the need for project owners and technical people like architects, developers, builders, and consultants. A group of experienced engineers and skilled technicians are at the service disposal of the clients all the time.

The Company has started the journey to bring a new era to the HVAC world. From the beginning, we work hard to meet our clients with the world-renowned brand that are pioneers in their own HVAC products.

Our Country is a promising rising star in the world. Bangladesh is leading in many sectors nowadays. Many international organizations as well as our own business tycoons are building many new projects all over the country. When it comes to a big project, like world-class hospitals, hotels, or business premises, It needs the same world-class Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning structures and solutions. This is the point where E-cool Group has your back.

Whether it is a big project or small, we provide you the best HVAC solutions anyone can imagine. We bring the world-renowned brand to the premises of the country to serve the best HVAC Solution. Currently, we are the proud faces of Blauberg – Germany, Gigola – Italy, Vostermans – Netherlands, Kolowa – Taiwan, Dorosin, Aolan, brands in Bangladesh. These all are pioneer companies all around the world in their own region of HVAC products.

The Strength of E-cool Group at a Glance –

  1. We believe in quality, not in quantity.
  2. We have authorized dealerships of many famous HVAC equipment production companies.
  3. We are the only company in Bangladesh, who stock the products so that we can deliver right away!
  4. A young, energetic team is always available to solve any issues.
  5. 24/7 customer support over mail and phone.
  6. Our very own transportation facility to deliver the product blazing fast all over Bangladesh.
  7. Clients are the biggest support and strength of E-cool International Ltd. We have satisfied clients all over the country and have the experience to work with every business giant in the country.

Our mission

E-Cool International Ltd. is dedicated to delivering the most advanced HVAC innovation and technology to potential clients who want world-class HVAC solutions.

Our mission is to build sustainable and most advanced HVAC systems that meet our client’s goal and also take part in reducing environmental pollution. We believe every industry and residential places need a high-quality ventilation system to ensure good health and boost up the working capability.

This is the spirit that keeps us working to develop the highest quality ventilation systems with world-class company products. Our experienced engineers are always eager to do more and are always updated with new HVAC technologies. With the help of advanced technology and engineers, we want to be a part of making a healthy environment.

Our vision

Keep the environment clean and make sure that every place has the best HVAC solution to make everyone healthier.