• A specially designed mixed-flow impeller profile ensures high airflow and low noise level.
  • Casing & Impeller made of quality durable UV-resistant plastic.
  • Backdraft damper for backflow prevention.
  • The high ingress protection rating of IP45 makes the fan the ideal solution for the ventilation of bathrooms and shower rooms.
  • Low energy demand from 75W due to a new high-efficient motor.
  • The motor is mounted on special anti-vibration dampers.
  • The exhaust pipe incorporates a specially designed air rectifier to reduce air turbulence, increase pressure and lower the noise level.
  • Sileo 150 is equipped with a double-speed motor & Sileo Max 150 enables to set one of five fan operation modes. The changeover to another operation mode is easily performed by setting the DIP switch to a respective position.
  • Size From 100 to 150mm
  • Capacity up to 135 m³/h
  • Power from 7.5W
  • Noise level 25dBA