The next level of energy efficiency

A grower wants to optimize productivity, next to reducing the carbon footprint. Active climate control guarantees growers uniform climate conditions resulting in fewer temperature differences, better distribution and absorption of carbon-dye-oxide, and lowering the risk of humidity related diseases. A crucial part of active climate control is the specific selection of the right fan, always based on your greenhouse conditions.


  • Considerable increase in energy efficiency compared to previous versions.
  • To be ready for ErP2020.
  • Easy to mount/remove wire guards.
  • Easy to maintain motor/impeller construction.
  • Aerodynamic inlet radius for optimized air distribution.
  • High insulation class F/IP55.
  • Built-in thermal protection for single phase.
  • Housing suitable for suspension with profiles or chains.
  • Wire guards in accordance with CE-standards.
  • Serial or parallel ventilation systems.
  • Reflecting white color for usage in the greenhouse.
  • Compact design for less shadow.