Compact & Flexible

With the extensive program of Galvanized Box Fan, we offer a wide range of efficient fans for livestock, houses, or factories. The products are characterized,  by the compact design and motors. This is why these fans are an adequate all-round solution for each ventilation demand. The aerodynamic design assures effective and efficient ventilation. Depending on your need or local solution, our Galvanized Box Fan offers the solution for minimum ventilation, higher-pressure applications, or high air volumes.


  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Aerofoil blades for air resistance & lowest pressure drop.
  • Interconnected louvers for uniform opening.
  • Complies with upcoming ErP energy regulation.
  • Energy-efficient IE2 or IE3 motors.
  • Aerodynamic engineering allows to development of advanced technology blade profiles to minimize fan power consumption with the lowest noise emissions.
  • Fan performance data is performed on state of the art wind tunnel built according to AMCA standard
  • The noise at the fan blade tips caused by air slippage & turbulence is significantly reduced due to minimized tip and clearance.
  • Available in 92cm, 130cm and 140cm.
  • Various shutter and wire guard options.


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