Efficient solutions with high air volumes

With the extensive line of Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans, Vostermans Ventilations offers a wide range of reliable and efficient fans. The various dimensions and motors allow an adequate solution for each ventilation demand. The aerodynamic fan design guarantees efficient ventilation with high air volumes. The 130 and 140 cm Fiberglass Cone Fans are optionally available with the Vplus technology.


  • Available in energy-efficient IE2, IE3, and IE4 fan motors.
  • Aerodynamic design for optimal performance.
  • Extreme durability with long service life.
  • Available in 45, 63, 92, 130 and 140 cm.
  • High level of air movement up to 63.900 m³/h at 0 Pa.
  • Pressure range up to 125 Pa.
  • Water and dust resistant fan motor (IP55).
  • Belt drive for 130 and 140 cm fans.
  • 3 blade impeller for high efficiency or high volume.
  • 6 blade impeller for higher pressure applications.


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