Comfort and Relief From The Heat

The air cooler will lower the room temperature but the maximum cooling effect is left when a person is in the flow of air coming from the air cooler. For this reason, the Aolan evaporative air cooler is ideal for those rooms or open spaces where people congregate. Its portability makes it the ideal solution to solve heat problems for kitchens, factories, people gathered in offices, conference rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

The Evaporative Air Cooler is ideal for keeping people cool at a very low cost in those places where it is not practical or economical to install traditional air conditioning.

You should not expect an evaporative cooler to work as effectively as refrigeration air conditioning. However, the advantage of the evaporative cooler over refrigerated air conditioning consists of the low cost of the equipment low maintenance, low electricity usage, and a fresh air environment.

We are proud to be an agent of trademark AOLAN products in the territory of Bangladesh.

Aolan Evaporative Air Cooler


1) In different climates, Aolan air coolers can supply air from 5℃ to 15℃.

2) Efficiency for cooling pads is 90%.

3) Motor applied is moistureproof, waterproof with tiny temperature rise.

4) Aolan specially designed the fan to allow large airflow but lower noise.

5) Even non-professionals can disassemble and clean cooling pads easily.

6) Integrated water distribution system–reduce water block risk.

7) 1-99 hours auto clean can be made to extend air cooler’s life.

8) Water lack protection allows long pump life.



1. Reasonable design with strong structure.

2. Slant water tank with drain valve in the lowest place, while drainage, water-flow can wash tank0

3. Aolan air cooler has an integrated water distributor with only one built-in pipe -no risk for water leakage.

4. With an air damper to avoid a hot air outlet in winter.

5. Easy installation filter.

6. LCD or LED controller optional.

7. Materials for casing are anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and no deformation.


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