Dorosin EP-20S is a dehumidifier with a dehumidifying capacity of 480L/D. It is widely used in Hotels, Garments, Food shops, and factories, etc. Dorosin is world-renowned brand for dehumidifiers that can meet any of the clients’ needs. E-Cool International Ltd. is the authorized distributor of Dorosin in Bangladesh.

Dorosin EP-20S


Dorosin EP-20S Quick Details –

Dorosin Dehumidifier Applicable Industries

Hotels, Garments, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food Shop, Basements, Warehouses,  etc.








223 kg

The Unit Noise



9000 W

Dehumidifying Capacity

480 L/D

Applied Temperature


Amount of Airflow

3600 m³/h



Dorosin EP-20S Main Features –

  • Dorosin Dehumidifier is ideal for removing damp, mould, and moisture from the museum, parking area, basements, and factories.
  • Prevents bacteria growth as they tend to grow in a moisture & humid environment.
  • Made with a whole copper motor centrifugal fan & pure copper condenser which leads to more efficiency.
  • It has a rigid metal body, and a high-density filter to filter any dust in the air.
  • Dorosin used a high-performance Panasonic compressor which is energy-saving and environment friendly.
  • The universal machine makes the machine portable and easy to install.


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