Dorosin DPZL-4000M is the most powerful desiccant dehumidifier made by Dorosin. It is widely used in many bis industries such as Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Parking area, and many more.

Since the normal refrigerant dehumidifier has a temperature range of 18~38 °C, the dehumidifying capacity in the low- temperature environment will be greatly reduced. That will cause problems for industries to keep up the product and production quality. To solve this problem of industries, Dorosin developed rotary wheel dehumidifiers, which not only solves this industry problem but also expands the application of Dehumidifiers.

E-Cool International Ltd. is the proud authorized distributor of Dorosin dehumidifiers in the territory of Bangladesh. We also provide warranty and after-sales service.

Dorosin DPZL-4000M

Dorosin DPZL-4000M Quick Details –

Applicable Industries

Garments, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works, Food & beverage


Input Current





300 kg

The Unit Noise



30 kW

Dehumidifying Capacity

25 kg/h

Applied Temperature


Amount of Treated Air

4000 m³/h

Dorosin DPZL-4000M Amount of Regenerative Air

1500 m³/h


Dorosin DPZL-4000M Main Features –

1. Dorosin Dehumidifier has the most accurate computer control system
2. Timer function
3. Dorosin Dehumidifier has proflute Rotor, imported from Sweeden, washable
4. Erososin equipped it with a delay time protection circuit
5. Silence, economical, saving, and easy operation
6. Fault locator system
7. Cleanable air filters help improve the quality of air being circulated through the system at the processing air entrance & reactivation air entrance
8. Easy installation and checking.
9. Dorosin Dehumidifier works in the low temperature: -10–50C

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