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BKK Cooling Tower

A Cooling tower is a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the chilling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Common applications for cooling towers are providing cooled water for air-conditioning, manufacturing, and electric power generation. BKK Cooling Tower is one of the most famous brands for its long service life and top-notch service.

Brands we work with: BKK, Thailand & Genius, Malaysia

  • Higher performance, lower power consumption & low drift loss rate
  • Simplified tower framework provides ease of handling & assembly
  • Easy piping works & high-efficiency distribution system
  • Durable & low maintenance

BKK Cooling Tower Features 

  • Easy maintenance in FRP, lower water basin
  • Weatherproof and rust-resistant tower casings
  • Hot water basin maintains stable water sprinkling
  • High-efficiency fill which also eliminates water splash
  • Energy conserving low noise fan
  • Mobile piping option
  • Unit construction system
  • Footing for all models

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