What is an Industrial Exhaust Fan?

An industrial exhaust fan is a ducted fan, with an integrated propeller and casing. It transfers air by drawing in outside air through a front inlet grille and exhausting it out of its rear outlet grille.

The industrial exhaust fan not only provides ventilation to industrial spaces but also helps decrease heating costs for commercial and industrial plants. As our country generally has hot and humid air quality, industrial exhaust fans are a must for any industries like garments, pharmaceuticals, food industry, etc.

Industrial Exhaust Fan

Where is it used?

An industrial fan can cool industrial buildings by drawing in air from outside and exhausting hot air out of a building. It is widely used for cooling industrial spaces, such as industrial factories, warehouses, workshops, food plants, factories, indoor swimming pools, or even recreational facilities and greenhouses. As exhaust fans provide ventilation to industrial spaces, but also help decrease heating costs for commercial and industrial plants. Industrial exhaust fans are a must for any industry of any size to maintain the inner environment of the factory and keep the production rate up to the mark.

Industrial exhaust fans are made for large industrial applications where a significant amount of heat is produced. To keep up the quality of production and meet the requirements, it is a must to control the temperature inside the factory. They are also very beneficial for the environment because exhaust fans produce almost no pollution.

Advantages of Industrial Exhaust Fans:

  • Reduce cooling costs by keeping out hot air that would cool down on its way up outside of the building
  • Allow better airflow inside the building than a regular exhaust fan, thereby reducing wear and tear on equipment.
  • Keep the level of energy consumption to a bare minimum, thereby reducing electricity bills and lowering the cost of production.
  • Allow employees to work comfortably in a factory that keeps its temperature stable throughout the year at all times.
  • Keep exhaust fumes contained inside the factory at all times, thereby preventing air pollution.


An industrial exhaust fan is a part of the exhaust system that exhausts air from a manufacturing facility. In most industrial plants, exhaust fans are used to extract contaminants from buildings and also carry out waste gases outside the building through pipes or ductwork. These are called industrial exhaust systems.

Industrial exhaust fans are mounted on a roof or higher floors in a factory with added attachments to exhaust hot and polluted gases out of the building via proper ducting.

There is a number of types of exhaust fans are available in the market. These exhaust fans are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that pollutants exhaust from a building in an efficient manner.

These exhaust fans can exhaust gases from numerous sources, like automotive paint booths, exhaust pipes, and ducts from wood cutting mills. Industrial exhaust fan includes high-pressure blower type exhaust fans used for handling large volumes of exhaust fumes.

Generally in our country shutter exhaust fan, roof exhaust fan, blower tye exhaust fans are used widely. 

For a proper exhaust system, we have to consider different metrics like duct size and horsepower.

Types of Industrial Exhaust Fans

Belt drive exhaust fans are the ones that take in air from one side of the blade which is attached to a motor/engine with its shaft rotating at a high speed. As the blades rotate they force open flaps on either end of an air duct and push out exhaust fumes through them. The exhaust vents can be varied, such as circular or rectangular, and may use louvers or slats instead of flaps. Exhaust fans may also exist in many shapes – square, octagonal, and even round – depending on the producer and design.

Direct drive exhaust fans have the motor/engine embedded in the fan itself.

In exhaust fans, exhaust can be produced by natural draft, induced draft, or exhaust fans may use exhaust fans.

The cylindrical exhaust fan is used to create sufficient suction to draw air up through the ducts and out of the building. The smallest type of mechanical exhaust fan has a 7-inch (18 cm) diameter and was designed to replace a windowpane. There are also many special applications for exhaust fans such as hospitals where clean air is required for a germs-free working environment. These usually run 24 hours and so are known as continuous duty inspection fans.

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