As Bangladesh is generally a hot and humid air quality country, an exhaust fan is a must-equipment for every industry, commercial or residential places. When it comes to exhaust fans, one must want to know the exhaust fan price in Bangladesh. In this article, we will discuss the price and various types of exhaust fans.

Types of Exhaust Fans –

To know about exhaust fan price in Bangladesh, we must have to know about the types and usage of exhaust fans. As we all know that Bangladesh is a country with hot and humid air, it needs to be controlled with certain equipment. There are many industries in Bangladesh, mostly readymade garments industries. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing plants, and other industries are also available in Bangladesh. All of these industries must need to maintain an optimal environment for better production.

This is where the exhaust fan comes to help. These fans are specially designed fans to suck the hot air and send outside. These fans also help to send in the cool air from outside. There are many types of exhaust fan available in the market. Some of those are –

  • Box fans
  • Galvanized box fans
  • Shutter type exhaust fan
  • Centrifugal blower
  • Inline fan
  • Direct drive fan
  • Belt-driven exhaust fan, and many more.
Belt-Driven Galvanized Box Fan by Vostermans Ventilation - Netherlands

Belt-Driven Galvanized Box Fan by Vostermans Ventilation – Netherlands

All these fans are specially designed to meet the requirements of the customers. Exhaust fan price in Bangladesh depends on many circumstances. Like, where are the fans made in, what are the materials, what type of motor used in the fan, what type of the fan is, and many other things.

Exhaust fan price in Bangladesh –

In Bangladesh, there are many exhaust fan supplier companies that are currently serving the needs of the customers. E-cool International Ltd. is one of the most promising and very few pioneers in the HVAC sector in Bangladesh. They import exhaust fan from many reputed companies around the world. Some of the companies are, Blauberg ventilatoren from Germany, Gigola from Italy, Vostermans Ventilation from Netherlands, Kolowa from Taiwan, Big cube from China, etc.

Exhaust fan price in Bangladesh varies with many parameters. For say, if you buy a china 54” shutter type box fan, it will cost around 16000 BDT to 18000 BDT. And if you buy the 54” shutter type box fan, produced by Gigola – Italy, it will cost around 45000 to 48000 BDT. This price is just a rough idea about the exhaust fan price in Bangladesh.

This price is only a rough idea about the price. As we stated earlier, the price depends on what type of fan you need, what is the capacity, and some other parameters. Contact us with your requirement and we will offer you the best product with the guaranteed best price in Bangladesh.